St. Pauli Night Market

St. Pauli Night Market

One the most addictive places – St. Pauli Night Market

Hamburg is the city with the largest port in Germany. There are many reasons to visit this metropolis of millenary history. In fact it served neither prince nor king and who forged his fortune with trade and navigation.

We can characterize the tourist sites in Hamburg by that bohemian touch of the sailors and the port. Keep in mind that it encloses in its various places of interest. Interest comes into great events and historical events that also suppose a great attraction for the tourist. Of all the cities in Germany, Hamburg is probably the most entertaining for a holiday. Hamburg welcomes you with lots to see and do, as it has impressive museums, art galleries, etc. You would also love imposing buildings and excellent restaurants and first-class shops.

Something not to miss during a holiday in Hamburg is a walk through the harbor for more than 800 years, a visit to the famous red area of ​​Reeperbahn, which is a favorite place for tourists, and a never-ending moment of relaxation and nature in the Botanical Garden of the city.

Visit the port

Hamburg is defined through its port, the third in Europe, located very close to the center of the city. You can do innumerable visits by boat or just sit in a beach bar next to the Elba with a beer in hand to see immense freighters of containers or cruisers.

Check out St. Paul Night Market

The harbor district, St. Paul, is known beyond the German borders. Its main artery, the Reeperbahn, was named “the most sinful mile in the world” by strip bars, sex shops, and prostitutes that populate it. The street has a sector of access forbidden to women and minors where the prostitutes are sitting in shop windows. But now in place in those red light district stuff, is the night market. You should visit the St. Paul Night market since there are a lot of one of a kind of goods that you can only find there. And it does not only end on that sense, but you will also be able to enjoy a lot of the fresh foods that that you can buy in the night market as well.

But St. Paul, the place where the Beatles began their career in 1960, is also the place of entertainment for the general public, with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. After a night of dancing and drinking, many go down to the Elba to have breakfast at the Fish Market, which works every Sunday from 5:00 in the morning and buy some fresh products.

Visit the Elbephilharmonic

Hamburg has since January a new symbol and tourist magnet, the Philharmonic building. This very modern concert hall was built over 10 years above an old port warehouse and cost ten times more than expected, but its spectacular architecture and superb acoustics serve as a consolation to the Hamburgian taxpayer.

The Philharmonic is located in the Hafencity, a sector of the port that has become an avant-garde architectural district bordering an area of ​​old brick deposits in a neo-Gothic style that was declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2015.

St. Michael’s Church

It is a great symbol of the city. He burned himself twice and was reborn from his ashes thanks to donations. Today you can climb to the viewpoint located on the top floor terrace to enjoy unique views of the city. We recommend to go up at night to see the landscape of night lights.

St. George’s Neighborhood

Strolling through its streets is imbued with artistic movements. Between its walls, the vanguard of the city is visible. Multicultural and challenging, this neighborhood is one of the best stops in the city. In this neighborhood, we find Mutterland, a center where there are more than 70 shops. You can even find restaurants dedicated to promoting local commerce. And of course sustainable trade without losing a bit of quality. In the area, there are innumerable local artisans who relive crafts already almost lost through workshops and courses.

Fish market

At the edge of the river, we find this curious market where fishermen and fishmongers from the city gather to shout prices and expose the most curious catches. Near this market, we find Harry's bazaar, an emblematic place where Harry's collection of objects is exhibited and sold, a sailor who collected objects brought from all corners of the globe. A place with 20 rooms full of the most varied objects that attract film producers from all over the world to acquire sets for the movies.

These are just a few of the sights that you should plan out to see whenever you are visiting Hamburg. This is a city that is very historic, so therefore it has got a lot to offer. Whenever there are events, especially during Spring, you really should plan a weekend around these spots. You definitely will not regret it if you visit the night market. Even one of the neighborhoods recommended in this article.

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