Top 3 Shopping Possibilities In Hamburg

Top 3 Shopping Possibilities In Hamburg

Hamburg is well known to be one of Europe’s most exciting shopping destinations. Its sophisticated varieties of privately owned boutiques and designer stores confirms why Hamburg is an ideal destination for shoppers. In this post, we are going to outline our top 3 best shopping streets in Hamburg and the things you can buy there.

Neuer Wall
Whether you are looking for fashion or jewelry, shoes or furniture, you will find them at Neuer Wall being sold by popular international brands. Neuer Wall is one of the luxury shopping streets in Europe littered with stores of well-known designer brands selling items ranging from haute couture and classy jewelry, to customized footwear and designer furniture. A visit to Neuer Wall will lead you into a world of luxury items galore. If you are looking for luxury fashion, exclusive accessories, or designer furniture, head over to the Neuer Wall to experience all the good stuff which one of Hamburg’s finest shopping streets has to offer. Some designer brands you will encounter at Neuer Wall include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Escada, Jil Sander, Joop!, and St. Emile. Akris and Liz Malraux sells beautiful custom-made fashion accessories. You can shop for luxury pens at Montblanc, buy glasses at Brille Vue and colorful jewelry at Frey Wille. End up in Unger, where over a hundred designers display their collections to customers under the same roof.


Mönckebergstrasse is another major shopping street in Hamburg which is home to fashion boutiques, big department stores, and small businesses. Located close to the main station and the historic City Hall, this serene shopping street has always been likened to New York’s Fifth Avenue. At the Mönckebergstrasse, you will see the Europa Passage which is built like a mall. As well as some department stores like Saturn, Karstadt, and Kaufhof offering everything from clothes to electronic devices. Fashion shoppers who have a tight budget can check out chain-stores like H&M, C&A, or Peek & Cloppenburg. Despite having thousands of Hamburg tourists, locals and visitors strolling through the area everyday, Mönckebergstrasse doesn’t seem too crowded at any point. Regular traffic is prohibited on the street which ensures a relaxed shopping experience for pedestrians.


Jungfernstieg is a historic and luxury shopping street that got its name from the unmarried daughters of wealthy Hanseatic families. History has it that on Sundays, the girls were often taken to Jungfernstieg for a stroll. This was a normal Hanseatic tradition which signified that those girls have come of age. Today, this district has become the perfect place to while away an afternoon. Jungfernstieg is home to the amazing Alsterhaus store which has been attracting a great number of luxury shoppers to the area since 1912. Located on the banks of the Alster Lakes, Jungfernstieg is famous for obvious reasons and is not to be missed if you are looking for a perfect destination to shop some of the world’s finest boutiques.


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